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New improvements to Aegis Service Desk Suite

Abacus Systems continue to advance their Aegis Service Desk Suite solution with both new functionality and ease of use improvements.

Some of the new functions include improved control of the incident, problem & change request closure process through a multi-stage closure status; a new publishing sub-system that allows controlled creation, publishing, quality assurance, usage measurement and security control of Knowledge Base or FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) articles.

A new simplified web interface enhances end-user control of their own incidents. The more advanced web interface is still available for power users. Support has also been added for new user controlled toolbar icons which allow rapid access to user-desired screen display options.

Aegis Service Desk Suite had already allowed creation of Problems from Incidents and Change Requests from Incidents or Problems. This has now been extended with a symmetrical approach to allow creating new objects from existing incidents, problems, change requests or knowledge base articles. So no matter which area of the system a user is investigating, creating a new related entity with similar attributes is only a single click away.

A popular request from customers has been the ability to automatically reassign all incidents assigned from one person to another (e.g. in case of unexpected leave). Aegis Service Desk now allows this to be achieved on-mass in a simple single click fashion.

Improvements in automated email handling now require less effort from your service desk. The system now supports adding responses to existing incidents based on end-user replies to system generated notifications.

The Task bar area of Aegis has also now been enhanced so that as you move throughout Aegis you can see how many entities and related entities you are working with. For example, when looking at a customer you can see how many incidents, problems, change requests and CI's are listed for that customer without going to that area of the system. This can be used to give you a simple snapshot of the amount of work outstanding.

Many other enhancements have also been added. You can view a list of these at here.

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