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Web Self-Service as a Support Strategy

For anyone in the business of providing customer support, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction by keeping waiting times low and providing rapid, accurate responses has long been established as a critical success factor to high customer retention along with good customer service. Ironically, as customer loyalty becomes even more important in today’s business environment, support centers have difficulty staffing to business needs when the need demands it. Inadequate staffing levels ultimately impact the customer, in the form of longer wait-times, a problem that further escalates if the service employee spends time explaining delays.

Web self-service technology therefore, is a solution that is becoming a necessary alternative to enhancing the customer care and support function. Apart from offering great potential for operational cost efficiencies and operational effectiveness, embracing the internet as a delivery vehicle also reduces administrative and technical errors. While web self-service will never replace the value of a personal interaction from a customer representative, there are substantial parts of customer support where web-self-service is very appropriate. For standard procedures such as inquiries into accounts, status of delivery, progress of an ordered service or product, providing access to information on-demand to customers satisfy the crave for 24/7 support without placing a support call. Implemented correctly, web self-service requires little or no customer orientation and instruction. It is also beneficial especially in situations that enable customers to self-diagnose a problem, or enable them to initiate, and to track the status of a trouble ticket or reported problem. The convenience of web self-service to a customer and the value of that convenience in customer retention ensure that the Web will be a critical component of a customer service or customer support strategy.

A company’s foray into employing web self-service technology is not without its technical challenges. Excessive licensing and implementation costs contribute to delays in acceptance, as are the complex deployment schedules for wide use within a company. The customization efforts that are common in tailoring such systems to business needs quickly add costs to the effort that sometimes surpass the cost of the products used. How adaptable implementers will view the supporting products to capture the information needed will also be a factor in determining if the selected solution is a compliment to the overall business process.

Technology from Abacus Systems can implement service desk and tracking systems to enable customers to interact effectively with product- and service-oriented companies. Our Aegis product portfolio serves companies in telecommunications, banking, healthcare, insurance, automotive, retail industries and more with efficient customer care and post sales support solutions.

With Aegis Service Desk, you will implement a shared repository of customer, product and service history information for use by your employees across multiple departments. Linkage to customer information, purchase information, post-sales support requests and status of progress helps your customer care team to quickly make decisions that are accurate and consistent, at the same time rendering a prompt service to the customer.

The Aegis Service Desk client web access facility enables customers to log on to the system using a browser such as Internet Explorer, to initiate support requests and to periodically check progress with around-the-clock convenience. Web-enabled customer self-care such as those that can be provided by Aegis Service Desk will help customers with instant retrieval of information limited by what you information you allow them to see. Implemented correctly a web self-service facility from Aegis requires little or no customer orientation and instruction. This alternative delivery method significantly reduces costs for product and service support. As demand increases, this self-care facility presents a greater benefit in that you may not need to increase support staff – simply obtain additional client web access licenses as you need them and grant new customers online access to submit queries or applications, review status, transactions or records. Furthermore, web front-end technology from Aegis Service Desk enables your support team to be distributed, whether they are working at a company location, home, or airport, and does not require a client version to be installed on their computers.

The usage information captured by Aegis Service Desk systems can help you track responsiveness as well as cost of product and service support, to contribute to improvement in services provided to customers.

Deployment of Aegis Service Desk is easy and cost effective. Aegis products are built to grow with your business, as you expand the number of employees using the system, and as you expand on the information you capture. The attributes and reporting mechanisms can easily be tailored to your specific business needs if desired. Additional fields or attributes required can be defined in a few simple steps. Or simply use the setups we provide to immediately see the value of your investment.

To learn more about Aegis Service Desk, click here. For testimonials of customers who have used Aegis as part of their support strategy, click here.


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