There are 2 license types available - dedicated and concurrent licenses. The difference between the two licensing schemes is explained below.

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Concurrent License

Concurrent license allows you to add as many users as you like, all with logon access, but only N users can be logged on at any one time. N is the number of concurrent users purchased. For example, if you purchase 50 concurrent licenses, you can add as many users as you like - all with logon access but only 50 users can logon at any one time.

Dedicated License

Dedicated means "per user". For example, if you have 50 users and want all of them to have access, then you purchase a 50 dedicated user license. You can add as many users as you like but only nominate 50 users with logon access.

Client Web Access License

You can use the web version of Aegis to provide your internal users or external clients with a self-help facility and reduce support calls and cost. Give your clients the ability to log and view their own calls, search the knowledge base and view FAQs via the web without them calling your support center.

Access to the Aegis system by parties other than the (concurrent or dedicated) licensed users requires the use of Client Web Access licenses. The use of Client Web Access licenses is appropriate for organizations that wish to set up a self-care support environment, where parties will be granted privileges such as the ability to search knowledge databases and frequently asked questions, initiate a support request or support call through the system, or view all calls logged previously.

The Client Web Access License, priced per user, enables the support of a large client base. Two examples are provided below for applicability of these licenses to your specific need:

  1. Company A provides support to all internal users. The service desk has 50 help desk technicians supporting 5000 staff. In this case Company A can either buy 50 dedicated licenses or 45 concurrent licenses to share between the support technicians and a 1000 client web access license.

  2. Company B sells products and provides support to their customers. They have 10 support staff and over 500 clients. Company B can either buy 10 dedicated licenses or 8 concurrent licenses to share between the support staff and a 500 client web access license.

The cost for the client web access license depends on the number of licenses. Please contact us for a quote.

Annual Maintenance

Annual maintenance entitles you to all major upgrades and maintenance releases for 12 months starting from the date you subscribe. When there is a new release, you will be notified via e-mail with instructions to download the new release. There is a minimum of one major upgrade per year. Annual maintenance is only applicable if you already own the current version. If you are currently using an earlier version, you must upgrade to the latest version first before subscribing to annual maintenance.

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